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Onboarding, harassment prevention, improving your EQ and more via Artificial Intelligence and chatbots!

Automated employee training delivered on Slack, Facebook, Skype and many more.

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We are EQBotics.

Creating a safer work environment

What it does for you.

Our chatbot is automatically training and quizzing your employees, students or members to create a harmonic environment to work and collaborate. The training is an ongoing process, developed to harmonize behavior between employees over time.

Besides typical harassment related training, users will improve their emotional intelligence by being guided through many real world examples of daily interactions. We strive to help people to simply understand each other intuitively on a deeper level to prevent unpleasant incidents not by strict laws and fear thereof, but common courtesy and compassion. The trainings are created to not take up more than mere minutes per week but create lasting effects through entertaining content, sensible repetitions and a gamification that makes training a joyful experience.

  • Anti Harassment training that reaches everyone

    EQBotics is available on all major chat platforms. Facebook, Slack, Skype and more...
  • Training can be fun!

    Gamified, badges and only minutes per week!
  • Lasting change!

    Continous automated training causes permantent change in behavior. Conflicts are prevented by deeper understanding and higher awareness.

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Ready training in minutes

Just befriend the EQBotics bot and begin training.

No software installation

Completely cloud driven and accessed via common chatting tools.

Compliance and training for mere cents per day!

A continuous training for less than 20 cents per day.

IT can't get better.

Bots that train your people!

Compliance and happy people in days.

Be online and up and running within days.

Customize to your needs

You can easily add your own quizzes and additional questions (Biz plus).

Strengthens company culture

By engaging your people into ongoing chat training that only needs to take up a few minutes per week, you will see improvement in the overall behavior and harmony in the workspace.

Productivity improvements

The positive attitude and behavior that is being trained will bring productivity gains by preventing natural friction before it occurs.

Happier customers

Learned patterns and attitudes will improve customer satisfaction. Imagine improving the emotional intelligence of your entire staff, the results can be amazing.

Get started today

Simply contact us and get up and running with a free trial.

Pricing Plans

Enjoy as long as you want, cancel at any time. No shenanigans or fine print nobody can read in a lifetime.



  • 15 days
  • 10 users
  • Amazing training
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Pro Plus

$ 5.00 /user mo.

  • $99 Setup Fee
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Cancel anytime
  • Management Dashboard
  • Amazing training
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Biz Plus

$ 7.00 /user mo

  • Ask for Setup Cost
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Cancel anytime
  • Management Dashboard
  • Amazing training
  • API Integration
  • Integration services available
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All Plans Include:


The most amazing support team! // Cancel anytime // More harmony for all // Turning boys into men;-)

Bots that train YOUR PEOPLE for a better work environment!

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