How energy healing works

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Everything we perceive with our senses is Maya. Maya is a word for illusion ("even though a very persistent one" as Albert Einstein said it).

Thus, our body is Maya. Our body is a reflection of our consciousness creating it (the body) in the water element of creation. This means that the information about our body, the state in which it should be in, the elements belonging to it, the structure of the bones, skin, all represents how it is supposed to be right at this moment based on the duration is has been operated, the elements that have been added, the physical damage it has endured, the environmental influences it has been surrounded with and immersed in, as well as the very thoughts and intentions that have moved its thousands of muscles and energized or de-energized areas of it.

All this is reflected to us in the one real moment of now. One moment later it will be another body. It will look the same, most of the information remains the same but many parts of it have already fluctuated into other layers of perception/informational space whereas previous parts of that perception have become us (air is a good example. We breathe the information about air and it interacts with our information about our physicality then represented in oxygen, blood etc.). Thus we are at a constant state of flux. This is not a believe system or new age talk but by now easily ready to obtain knowledge when one takes the time to study more recent research material about quantum medicine or quantum physics.

Of course all perceptible layers of this energy are spun off multiple layers beneath. It all ultimately becomes a wave, that takes on every shape or inherent traits it is supposed to take on at any given moment.

That means that all crated matter is observable but not tangible in a sense that could say it is "solid" now as the observer is as non solid as the rest of the matter. It is energy handling other energy.

These interactions are handled by the rules that are given in the super-set of rules of physics and based on the rules beneath that are quantum physics/mechanics.

A wave creates a particle, a particle atoms, atoms molecules, molecules genes, genes an organismic set, organismic sets create cells, cells ultimately (organs, skin etc) bodies.

As all matter is only the perception of matter, the space in which this matter resides is only a concept rather than a reality. There is no space but the rule of reality that waves can be perceived as matter at a certain point in space and time which then is being submitted as information to consciousness with it "I am" view point (simplified).

The perception of consciousness is filtered through a layer of personality. Even though ultimately energetically, personality as such, is an illusion, it is perceived as very real. It is an energetic distortion of reality that is attached to what we would call memories that let's us perceive things in the context of that layer. What's trash for one, is another's treasure. All depends on the layer of distortion. It acts like filter or you could compare it with a kaleidoscope that has all the little distortions of our upbringing as colorful stories which it sprinkles into our perception as we perceive all impressions and ads our personal flavor to it, for the worse or for the better.

Personality is like a kaleidoscope that ads all the colorful sprinkles of our past learning to our current experience/perception for the worse or the better. For reasons that lead too far in this little write up, our language contains sometimes good word games that give us a hint about the truth of certain conditions in life. A disease for example is a state where a part of it, is not at ease anymore. It becomes distorted in it's vibrational patterns/information. As all we perceive is only a representation of the underlying information, it means that the information about the perceived area of our body must have changed.

This change can be brought forth by: - removal - Change - Adding other elements - Change by particles that remove, change or add. Free radicals are one such example.

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We can remove by cutting but also by free radicals that kick particles of our own makeup out of our body. We can add by eating food. This food is being analyzed within our body for its informational content, energy loads etc and then in the process of digestion added to our system.

We can change things by the list above and most important we can change things with our thoughts. On the simplest level one could say thoughts make us do things that are bad for our health but the truth goes further than that. It is already known that cortisol levels can rise with stress or that anger can cause higher acidity in the body that in return leads to inflammation.

In energy healing, all these things are known and we target a layer of consciousness that sits between the layer of obstruction (mind/memory) and pure consciousness. Some call it the higher self. This is also known as the logos "spark" within a person that connects all stored information about this person to the perception layer that then creates the representation (the body). This layer knows how to heal, create, change a body and just to have instructions to do so. In our earth experience we are perceiving the out-most layer of distortion right towards the perception of the body as reality and thus block healing and restoration signals by actively suppressing or changing them.

We may do this by constantly complaining about a "weak stomach" and send an image of this distortion of vibration to our presentation information for executing this "order". It will find a way to weaken the stomach.

Also when environmental triggers have performed changes in us we may decide to accept these and solidify their persistence by adding them to our information. We become this change as well and reinforce it.

When the person that seeks healing connects to a healer they negotiate their energies almost like a contract.

A healer sends the signal of healing energy on her frequency of healing intention and the receiver agrees to accept this frequency. Now the logos part of the healer connects to the logos part of the person to be healed and sends the intention and offers to act as a conduit or source for the required energy to facilitate change. Almost imagine this like a process of feeding, where A is feeding B with energy of a particular pitch/frequency.

much of this information is being stored in parts of our DNA, also known as "junk DNA"

This energy is encoded with the intent to heal. It is pure consciousness that is "marked" as healing energy. The logos part of B analyses the own body as well as areas that are in need to change and uses the received energy to initiate this change. We should never forget that all that is changing is simply information about states of units of information that consciousness contains. It will analyze if the information that aligns with the overall objectives with the person that receives the healing. I know once I would go into "deeper" concepts of purpose I might hit hot water and realms of speculation and will therefore refrain from it but the inner negotiation process of the healing determines the outcome. Some advanced practitioners can read/hear/interpret the content of these negotiations to pre-determine the outcome to a good level of accuracy.

Now once the healing begins the energy creates a shift/change of the information stored about the "dis-eased" area and begins to use the energy to create a heat that triggers a physical reaction the facilitates the change. The diseased area transitions to another state and the results are being stored as information, presenting the new state. Many experience healing as a warm sensation. This is the chemical reaction at the molecular level that "bubbles" up from the level of conscious field.

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