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Pamela Erwin-Tijerina, RN

Pamela Erwin-Tijerina, RN

St Louis

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In discovering my life's purpose, my intention is to contribute to the healing of others with gratitude and humility. Acknowledging healing of the world begins with my own healing journey, I am open to the gifts that are placed in my path. I was born and raised in Hawaii, USA and currently reside in Illinois, USA with my husband of 16 years and our 3 dogs. I have traditionally worked in healthcare for 24 years in many roles including as a registered nurse. With my creativity and empathy for others I have also worked as a professional actor and more recently expanded my interests in writing. Reiki has enriched my life and part of my journey is witnessing the unfolding and healing of others. I offer distant and in person Reiki sessions, which includes animals, and I teach Reiki classes in person. I am honored and grateful to contribute to your health if you so choose. Love and Grace.

Phone: +1901-830-8523


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